Episode 15: Projecting

After a very long “break”, here is the last episode of season one of our podcast. Episode 15 covers the important talk of projecting, specifically projecting outdoors. In addition to Evan and Zack, our special guest Bridget is back to help provide insight into the struggle of trying stuff at our limit.

Available on iTunes or you can get the mp3 here.

South Beta 008: Lead Climbing Part 0


This episode is a little bit ranty. We start with the idea of talking about lead climbing but end up hitting a very wide range of topics from our spirit animals to acro yoga and back to climbing again. There is som trash talking about the upcoming staff competition as well as talking about the Ohm, a new resistive climbing device to help compensate for my weight.

Link to the episode here. Should be on iTunes in the next day.


  • Friction Series Finals, live streamed on instagram on Saturday, May 6th, around 4pm.
  • Talking about the staff competition, and how Nick and Evan are going at each other. (aside, when I talked to Nick after the episode, he definitely complained about his finger pain)
  • Finishing up talking about Climbing in Utah.
  • and much more…

Hello World, This is South Beta

Our Mission:

One man’s journey to untangle the knot that is the climbing world with his cohost whom occasionally knows the answers to his climbing related questions.

What this means:

We are going to talk about climbing, lots of talking about climbing. My name is Zack and I roped in my cohost Evan to help with my journey through changing sports. Before climbing I was a competitive cheerleader for about 20 years. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I’d like to switch sports. I’ve been climbing off and on since I was 8, but have only recently committed to it. As I wade deeper into the sport, I often have lots of questions. Evan, who has been climbing a shorter period of time than me but has definitely done more in the sport, is there to help talk me through my exploration.