South Beta 009 – Pushing limits w/ Bridget

Episode nine is up and we have a special guest to talk about pushing limits on lead. Here are a couple examples of the things we talk about:

– Talking about how Evan finally got us a listener!
– With Bridget the climber.
– Secret Touch Stone gym card for Acro Yoga.
– Dramatic comment card reading by Evan.
– Recap of the staff competition
– Definition of “Sport Climbing”
– Discussing rational and irrational fears
– Trying to find a way to push yourself in another area if you having issue in an area on a bad day.
– Alex Puccio is a climbing idol for Bridget.
– Shout outs for climbing at Gold Wall and Jail House.
– Started to talk about perception of female climbing.

You can get the episode from iTunes or this link.

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